Paris Saint-Germain fans will now be able to display their colours on their big day, despite previous unrest in the Provence capital

Marseille police have confirmed that they have reversed a decision that would have seen Paris Saint-Germain shirts banned in the city centre on Sunday.

PSG, the great rivals of Olympique de Marseille, reached the Champions League final with a 3-0 win over RB Leipzig on Tuesday and will face off against Bayern Munich at the weekend as they seek to claim their first European title.

OM are currently the only French side ever to have won the competition, despite the likes of Reims, Saint-Etienne and Monaco having previously graced the final. OM are fiercely proud of their 1993 title and many of their fans do not want to see PSG equalling that achievement.

On Tuesday, there were clashes between Marseille fans and their PSG counterparts in the city. L’Equipe reported that there were around 50 OM ultras patrolling the Old Port district of the city to disconnect televisions and threaten PSG fans. There were some violent clashes and one man was arrested.

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