Premier League Burnley narrowly avoided a mistake that could have led to a serious sanction from the Football Association when a television reporter pointed out that one of their players was suspended for Tuesday’s FA Cup tie with Bournemouth.

Burnley named Dutch defender Erik Pieters in their starting lineup for the game but switched the team shortly before kickoff after it was pointed out that the fullback had been booked in the previous two rounds and was therefore suspended.

The match commentator for broadcasters BT Sport said their reporter had highlighted the situation to Burnley before the game.

“Due to an administrative error, Erik Pieters no longer plays tonight and Anthony Glennon will come in for the left-back,” Burnley stated on their official twitter feed.

It could have been a costly mistake for the Lancashire club.

There are several cases of clubs being disqualified from the FA Cup for fielding an ineligible player, although most cases have involved non-league teams in the preliminary rounds of the competition.

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