🗣️ “Practically everything was right with Barcelona, we just needed to sign, and I asked my father: “Nothing from Real Madrid?”. Proposals came from all the teams and nothing from Real. Then, I asked to wait for the weekend because we would have a game with Vitória

🗣️ “I said: “I’m going to tear it up in this game, and Real Madrid will see”. My father got mad at me: “Are you kidding me? We have an offer like that from Barcelona on the table. You’re going to play with Messi and you want me to wait. Are you kidding?”

🗣️ “I went to the game with Vitória, I scored three goals, I gave an assist, we won 5-2, and during the game Real Madrid called my father and he didn’t even have to make the proposal. They just asked if I wanted to go, and my dad already knew my answer.”

🎙 ge

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