Lobi Stars Football Club Makurdi in the spirit of sportsmanship has congratulated the three top-ranking clubs that emerged 2020/2021 CAF Inter-club representatives through the instrumentality of the Points Per Game mechanism.

The message was sent across in a statement released by the Club’s media – Read below;

“As a club, we had opposed the application of the PPG as it stood as an obstacle to our dreams of been in the continent next year, but no matter how rational our opinion is can not pass the test of time if a majority of the stakeholders hold a contrary opinion, wrongly or rightly.

We hereby accept the final decision of the NFF without ill feelings and wish all the clubs that emerged as continental representatives 2020/2021 best of luck and God’s guidance to do well in their respective CAF inter-club championships.

We had fought for what we felt was right but right can not always be in the majority as well as the majority may not always be right but could always carry the day where the voice of majority becomes the yardstick.

Lobi Stars will always be at the forefront of supporting the growth of Nigeria Football and remain law-abiding to both The LMC and NFF in the interest of all.

We declare the end result as a case if no Victor, no vanquish! There will always be another chance some other time as our belief in God goes to say God’s time is the best.

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